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The Office of Student Resources is pleased to offer a Textbook Lending Program, allowing eligible students an option to save on the cost of textbooks on a first come, first serve basis. The Textbook Lending Program allows Special Populations students (with a valid CTC Student ID) the opportunity to borrow textbooks for one (1) semester.

By accepting a book from the Textbook Lending Library, you acknowledge your agreement to the following terms and conditions:
  1. The borrower is currently enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, has a valid CTC Student ID, a member of one or more population groups serviced by the Office of Student Resources, and is entering this agreement of their own free will.

  2. The borrower understands the textbook(s) is the property of the Office of Student Resources Textbook Lending Library and accepts the responsibility to use the textbook(s) and return the same textbook(s) to the Office of Student Resources in a reusable condition (no tears, water damage, physical damage to the cover, pages, or spine, or excessive writing or highlighting).

  3. The borrower understands the textbook(s) are due back to the Office of Student Resources (Marietta Campus, Building C-Suite 1102) on or before the Friday following the last day of the semester unless other arrangements are made in advance.

  4. The borrower understands it is their responsibility to confirm that they have applied for, and received, the correct book through the course syllabus and/or their instructor.

  5. Returning a damaged or unusable (tears, water damage, physical damage to the cover, pages, or spine, or excessive writing or highlighting) book, or losing a Textbook Lending book, will result in the borrower replacing it with a new, current edition book.

  6. If the borrower fails to return the borrowed textbook(s) by the return date, they will receive a hold on their CTC account, which could prevent them from registering for subsequent classes, receiving transcripts, or completing their graduation process.

  7. The Office of Student Resources is not responsible for reminding borrowers of their book return date. Any and all notifications are a courtesy. Borrowers are responsible for complying with our return policy.

  8. The borrower understand that Textbook Lending books are available one semester at a time. If a borrower needs a specific textbook for more than one semester, he or she will need to return it and apply for it again the next semester.

  9. If the borrower changes classes after the application has been submitted, it is the borrowers responsibility to make the change/notify the office of the change. This is not a guarantee that a new book will be approved.
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